Rental Policy

To enact the group’s use of YMCA Camp Onyahsa, contracts specific to the participants' needs will be written and signed by the group’s representative and the Camp’s representative. This agreement must be signed and returned with a Reservation Deposit equal to 25% of the program cost to the YMCA Camp Office to hold the reservation. Seventy-five percent of the rental fee is due one month prior to the rental date, or the event may be canceled and the Reservation Deposit forfeited.

The group’s designated adult representative (and caterer, if applicable) must visit the Camp at least one week prior to the event to meet with an Onyahsa representative to inspect the site, discuss rules, review emergency procedures, and note other site constraints and issues (i.e. parking, first aid procedures, and activities planned). The group’s representative must sign that he or she has read, understands, and agrees to abide by the following policies; will communicate these policies and regulations to the group’s membership; will remain present throughout the entire event (or will delegate such responsibilities to a qualified adult); and will enforce these regulations and policies among the group’s membership.

Full rental policy is attached below.